Adding a skylight can be a great way of making a room brighter and more open, giving a spacious feel.
But all that sunlight can be a little glaring and can be uncomfortably hot. This is where a Marvel Skylight blind can make a considerable difference to comfort you in your home.

Marvel Skylight blinds have two options:

• Colby Blinds

Marvel Skylight Colby blinds are stylish, functional, versatile, and energy efficient window covering solution. They are perfect for any window size and offer insulating properties to control room temperature without compromising on style.

Visibility : Sheer, Translucent & Blackout
Width (in mm) : 1000 to 2000
Drop (in mm) : 1000 to 4000

• Roman Blinds

Marvel Skylight Roman blinds are elegant and provide a modern look.
Marvel Roman blinds are fixed together without any stitch mechanism which offers a very slim look with a feeling of luxury.

• Visibility : Sheer, Translucent & Blackout
• Widths : 1000 to 2000
• Heights : 1000 to 4000