• Manual with Ball chain

One of the most important advantages of Marvel Blinds is their ease of operation. A continuous ball chain loop works on the principle of a pulley, rotating a clutch to open or close the blind.


• Remote Control

The Remote Control allows you to pre-set and easily operate a group of up to sixteen different window blinds, individually or together with just a press of a button. Remote Controls are available in different colors and can also be affixed to a wall.

• Smart Phone Control

Marvel Automation blinds can be operated by using an App. You can control your blinds with a swipe of a finger, or create customized scenes that move the blinds to positions you set. Also, you can automate those scenes to operate on their own throughout the day.


• Ultra Spring Operating

Marvel ultra spring operating system is specially made for bigger size window blinds. Raise, adjust and lower your blinds by simply pulling on the chain.


   Marvel Grayson blinds give you privacy while offering a view to the outside. It is the combination of Roller & Venetian blinds. It easily creates beautiful gradations of light and shadow. Soft fabric vanes are suspended between two sheers, diffusing softened light deep into a room. Tilt the vanes to suit the privacy you desire.
Superbly stylish, Marvel Grayson blinds take the harshest sunlight and transform it into beautiful ambient natural light. Simply tilt the vanes to enjoy more natural daylight by diffusing it evenly throughout the room whilst filtering out brightness, glare and UV rays.
Marvel Grayson blinds are available in a wide range of beautiful fabrics with sophisticated in-trend colours.
Each fabric has its own unique feel, with a choice of silk looks, subtle linens – all designed to create softly filtered light.


• Orientation : Horizontal
• Visibility : Translucent & Dimout
• Widths : 500 to 2800
• Heights : 600 to 4500